Our School 2016-2017

It’s that time again!  Woo hoo!  Ring the bell!  School is in session once again!

Not that we don’t learn all of the time throughout the year, because obviously we do; people still need taught how to wipe their bottoms well – like yes until that TP is clean – you’re not done!, how to use the potty – my LEAST favorite parenting job – I’m currently hoping my youngest just politely asks me one day to train him because I’m putting it off for all I’m worth right now, how to chew without showing their food – because not much grosses me out more than sharing a meal with someone and watching the food roll around their mouth while we chat, to ride a bike, to spell and read, to catch lighting bugs, to make bread/cookies, to fold clothes, etc. – you know the normal life stuff that every parent does because that’s in our job description…and because we love our little people so much we can scarcely breathe when we picture them functioning without us one day. *gah*

Well, on top of these normal things, we are also embarking on another year of home schooling.  This year we are studying World Geography. Yes and Amen!!!  We have seriously loved our studies over the past two years where we focused heavily on American History, but we are ready, oh my gosh am I ready, for a little global focus – bring it on!

Meeting Morning – prayer, hot chocolate, geography/mapping, history read aloud, music/poetry/art study, and character building.

We really weren’t going to go with My Father’s World again this year because if I had my dithers, we would be an entirely Charlotte Mason home school.  However, world geography is just SO enticing and although I know it can be done beautifully via Charlotte Mason, the fact that it was already organized, planned, materials gathered, etc. just sucked me right in.  I know that I can tweak it where necessary and I’m not someone who needs to check off every box so I think it will work out beautifully. My Father’s World is truly a wonderful curriculum and it pairs so beautifully with CC – I am so grateful we have found both of them!

The big box of excitement arrived today!!  I opened it up and was immediately thankful for the decisions we made for this school year.  The books are beautiful, engaging, and magnetic in their interest – I cannot wait to dive into ALL of them so very soon.

Tea time: tea (or water, juice) and goodies, read aloud time!

So this year our little world will include a 3rd grader, 1st grader, pre-K(er), 3 year old, and a newly adopted 2 year old.  For the first time since we started homeschooling our first child for Kindgarten, we have decided to send two of our kiddos to preschool.  Before this year, I always felt that preschool was easy to incorporate into our school day and a joy to teach.  Was it challenging to have so many little people with their needs and wants while also trying to teach children how to read, etc?  Um, yes.  But was it wonderful too?  Yes.

This year however, with our adoption happening right in the beginning of the school year and not knowing what all to expect with that, we thought it would be best for our Pre-k and 3 year old to attend a little preschool program two days a week so that they would have some special time away, getting poured into by other sweet teachers and lots of playtime with new friends, which would in turn provide the bigger kids with a few hours two days a week that may be a bit quieter. 🙂

Week 1 – Nature Journaling: sketching a chosen tree, preserving one of its leaves, recording its information, and becoming familiar with what kind of tree it is.

So our typical academic week will include…

  • Pre-K and 3 year old in preschool 2 days (Monday and Friday) from 9-12
  • Classical Conversations (Co-op) each Tuesday from 9-1
  • One Thursday a month: classes at the Cleveland Art Museum and Natural History Museum (all day pretty much)

Otherwise, we’ll either be at home learning the fun stuff listed below or scampering outside for as many field trips as possible (especially before old man winter comes and locks us in for months on end)!


Making Water Cycle Bracelets: yellow for the sun (power source), clear for evaporation, white for condensation, blue for precipitation, and green for collection.

Here is a list of what all we’ll be doing this year…

Language Arts

All About Reading Level 2  (1st grader)

All About Spelling Level 2 (3rd grader)

Language Lessons for Today (3rd grader)

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 (all)

Read Alouds  (all) (I’ll post a list another day)


Classical Conversations PreScripts Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons: Medieval to Modern World History (3rd grader)

Poetry (all)

1st semester: Poetry for Young People – Emily Dickinson

2nd semester: Poetry for Young People – Robert Louis Stevenson

Foreign Language

Rosetta Stone Level I – French (8 year old)

Le Pim Videos, etc. – French and Mandarin (all)

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 (all)


Singapore Level 1 (6 year old)

Singapore Level 3 (8 year old)

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 (all)


Exploring Countries and Cultures: Habitat Focus (Properties of Ecosystems and Living World Encyclopedia) (8 year old)

Nature Journaling & Outdoor Secrets (Simply Charlotte Mason) (6 and 8 year old)

The Complete Book of Animals (8 year old)

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 (all)

Monthly classes taken at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (all)

History, Geography & Bible (all)

My Father’s World: Exploring Countries and Culture

Classical Conversations Cycle 2

Music (all)



Simply Charlotte Mason Music Study: Mozart

Classical Conversations (tin whistle, orchestra study, composer study) (all)

Art (all)

Simply Charlotte Mason Art Packs: Turner

Classical Conversations: artist study

Monthly Art classes taken at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Handicrafts (all)


Habit Training (all)

Laying Down the Rails for Children: Courtesy, Attention & Truthfulness  (Simply Charlotte Mason)

I know that the above list may have to be adjusted as we progress through the year especially as we receive and get to know our newest little arrival; but these are the plans that we have and we are looking forward to this year!

No matter which educational path your family has taken, I wish you a wonderful beginning of another school year!

I pray that this will be a year full of sweet learning for all of us! 🙂

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