Why the blog title of “a persevering heart”?

Because the grounding thing, the thing that gives me a starting point, the thing everything boils down to, will always be: love.

Love is my motivator.  Love is my foundation.  Love is what makes me tick.

And Love is ACTION.

What am I doing to show love?  Yikes!  Am I doing enough??  I feel the conviction to do MORE.

– And that is NOT a bad feeling.  Discouraging perhaps, but not wrong.

The needs around us are so great and we have such ability to affect change for good. There is always more we could do!

Rather than view it as an overwhelming task, it is a challenge – a wonderful challenge – to really put others needs before my own and to relish in the tasks at hand.

…And this is where the perseverance comes in!

Perservance.  A beautiful, beautiful word for an extremely hard thing.  To preserve despite ____.  There are so many things that we can put in the blank.  It depends on the day.  Many are my excuses.  However, I resolve to, I want to, I need to, I must; persevere.  To me, that means loving God, loving my family, loving others; hard, without excuses.  Depleting myself, so I can fill up others.

I most surely will fail.  It is inevitable. However, that does not mean that I don’t persevere anyway.  Persevere by definition means: “continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.”

Whoa!  “Little or no prospect of success.”  Ugh, that sounds bleak.

–  But in truth, I believe that is the important, the motivating, part.

To love out of the overflow of our hearts does not require seeing a positive result of our effort.  We many never see success from our actions but to persevere anyway is the point.

I love because I’m called to it , because my soul cries out when I don’t, because I feel it in my bones when I’m writhing in self-indulgence.

Two years ago, I said the word that kept me going was “persevere”.  And two years later, I’m holding onto this same word.

In future years it might change, but for today, for this year as far as I can see; it’s about loving big and persevering through it all.


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