7 days left…

7 days left until we fly to China.  7. days.

People keep asking me if I’m nervous, scared, or emotionally ready.  You know what I am nervous about?  The flight.

I generally don’t like flying.  I’ve done it a fair amount and every time there is some moment where I panic.

Any turbulence is a guaranteed chair grabbing, eye squeezing, audible prayer session.  In fact, I’m borderline neurotic with the whole thing.

Before I board the plane, I MUST touch the exterior of the plane, and say the following words, “God please put your hands around this little plane and bring it safely to its destination.”   Now one could argue that this is silly but if I don’t do it, and there is any turbulence, Lord help my seat mates as I will surely go straight insane!

Then there’s also the whole drama of being motion sick. On every moving thing ever.  Story. Of. My. Life.

Outside of this ridiculousness, I am not really scared or nervous at all.  🙂

I’m a bit anxious about the language barrier as that will surely be a little intense.  I have tried to learn a few expressions in Mandarin but overall, I think we will be doing a lot of sign language. We did purchase the book pictured below and I’m hoping it helps to make things even just a tiny bit smoother as we struggle through and likely butcher the Mandarin pronunciation.  Fingers  crossed that it helps! 🙂


The thing that is keeping me calm is the fact that we are going to meet and pick up our SON!  We are SO excited and ready to meet him and love him.  Gah!

(I wonder if he has any idea that we are so close to meeting him?)

One week left sweet little one.  7 days until we fly to you!

One thought on “7 days left…

  1. Sarah, I love reading your posts, as another mother of four. How exciting for your family to have a new addition! But after I read about your fear of turbulence, also motion sickness, I can really relate. My exact feeling on a plane trip! We just returned from Germany on an 8-hour flight, and I discovered that if I had my eye mask on during turbulence, it was not as disturbing( still prayed, though!).


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