A little Christmas message

Hello sweet friends and family!

Many are the times that I think about updating the blog with my scattered thoughts, but few are the moments that are necessary to make that happen.

Last week, I was honored to share a Christmas message at my former church’s Ladies Christmas Night.  The topic was to be about Adoption, Christmas, and the Gospel.   It was my pure joy to prepare for it and to speak to such a wonderful group of women.

In case you’d like to hear it, just click on the following link.  Once you’ve been redirected to the Resources Page, you will see a bolded heading saying 2016 Ladies Christmas Night.  You can just click on the link right below it and listen away if you would like to!

2016 Ladies Christmas Night

I would be remiss if I didn’t include a recent pic of sweet Leo, aka. “walking joy,” for you.  As it turns out, he is quite a little ham and he loves getting his picture taken, hurray!

Merry Christmas!! 


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